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Solar PIR Wall Light


Solar PIR Wall Light (Model: DS-SWL18W30)

An ideal solar wall light to light up your house/unit number, driveway, walkway, garden, side or back door, etc. Solar powered and eco friendly. 30 LED in cool white color has a lifespan  of 100,000 hours. Trigger by PIR sensor, it will fully light up when it detects movement, providing safety, security and convenience. After which it will auto switch to dim mode, saving electricity and energy.

*Up to 10 hours on dim mode when fully charged, providing light throughout the night. Charge time is around 6 to 8 hours under direct sun light. The sensor angle is 120 degrees and the approximate sensor range is 5 meters.

Weather resistant and easy to install. It is recommended that you install this product as soon as you purchased it as the battery may discharge naturally on its own.

*Performance of solar wall light is dependent on weather conditions, geographical location, etc. On cloudy and/or raining days, the solar light will not receive as much direct sunlight, therefore resulting in reduced brightness and operating time.


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